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The Senior Guardian Newsletter

Flyer for Children & Grandchildren (for your clients)

Personal Financial Security Needs Letter (for your clients)

Needs Estimator Postcard Mailer

Another Sample Prospecting Letter

Sample Prospecting Letter

Making a Business Plan

Summetime Doldrums

Don't Let Technology Leave You Behind

Power Phrase Mailers

Survivor Needs Analysis & Life's Questions 101

Electronic Policy Delivery & Long Term Care

Don't Miss the Boat: Get a Website!


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  • Agents: Get a Website!

  • Our agency provides you with a way to help your clients by creating your own personalized website. Having your own website can help your clients determine a need for insurance and the cost to help decide what is best for them. If you are a licensed agent, you can have your own website for a low, low cost! Choose from two different templates: 

  • We do not provide the quoting engine that is displayed on these websites. You can obtain your own quoting engine with CompuLife ($99 a year - see termmall.com) or iPipeline ($100 a month - see termexpress.com) if you wish to have a quoting engine. However, we do provide the Needs Estimator, links and presentations with all of the websites.

    What's the cost? 
    A $250 - One-time setup fee* $4 per month hosting fee (Paid annually @ $24) $10 to register your domain name (www.yourname.com). Total = Only $284.00 to have your own website in 1st year!

    *Basic fee of $250 includes creation of website, creation of graphics, color changes and minor adjustments. There is an additional fee of $40 per hour for any major changes or additions to the site per your request.